Social Media Integration by Insix

We are living in a digital world in which makes it essential for businesses to have a presence in the social media. You need to connect with your existing customers, reach potential clients, receive feedback and reviews and to build and strengthen your online brand.

Social media is a direct and two-way communication channel between you and your customers. If your followers like your products and services they will share the links with their friends and acquaintances. Social media is not just a communication channel; it is also a cost-effective advertising and marketing medium to promote your goods and services.

To ensure that your business succeeds, it’s essential to focus on social media integration when it comes to  digital marketing as you’ll be better able to drive transactions and make valuable connections with your customers. You can’t succeed by relying solely on your website to drive sales.

insix online marketing specialists in Toronto will help you to determine what social media platforms are right for your business based on your business’ nature and its customer persona. Once you are signed up for your social media channels of choice, insix can help you generate more and more followers so that each time you post something, it will be shared and talked about across various channels, helping you to increase your business brand awareness, reach more prospective customers and increase  traffic to your website.

So what is social media integration? Simply put, social media integration is the addition of social website buttons such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ etc., on your website. At Insix we can optimize your online presence through social media integration and help you take your customer engagement to a whole new level.

what sets us apart?

  • We integrating social media to your website using professional practices that ensure maximum consumer engagement.
  • The seamless transfer of content from your social media into your website shortens the time you need to spend on updating.
  • The more web traffic you receive through social media, the greater will be your connection with your customers and the better your website rankings will be in search engines.
  • We integrate a range of social media technologies into your website and you benefit from your knowledge of social media trends and emerging opportunities

Social media integration services include:

  • New Registration/Login for Twitter, Facebook and Google Connect
  • RSS feeds for news updates and articles syndication
  • Facebook profile badge
  • Blog creation and integration
  • Social Media widget integration