Reach out to your existing and potential clients using our Email Marketing Services!

Broadcasting your marketing message to your target market or building and retaining a solid relationship with your existing customer base has never been easier!

Managing your on-line Email Marketing initiatives can be a time consuming, frustrating and risky task. Ensuring that your message is properly formatted for Email marketing can waste a lot of your valuable time, and sending a message using your own computer may well be considered by your local ISP as spamming who can subsequent block your account!

With our Email marketing services you are covered: WE perform the actual broadcasts so that you rest assured that no costly errors will occur. Write your message in the supplied system, send us your list of addresses and a subject line for the broadcast and we will do the rest!

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Proper e-Mail Marketing is costly. Electronic broadcasts involve heavy server-resource utilization as well as labor services from experienced e-Broadcasters. Therefore, and in order to also discourage email spamming, minimize the risk for broadcasting errors and to ensure that resources on our servers that host your business websites are properly managed, all e-broadcasts are executed by us at scheduled intervals or on an ad-hoc basis. All server resources and labor fees are covered by the broadcasting fixed and variable fees. Contact Us today for a quote !

Insix offers Email Marketing Services to the following areas

Email Marketing Services for the GTA and Surrounding Areas

We also work with international clients on Email Marketing Services