We understand the unique challenges that come with being a non-profit organization. We have helped support some of the largest non-profit groups in the Markham / North York area get to where they are. We’ve seen and overcome the budgetary confinements, and impossible feeling expectations from clients and government agencies alike. We help by;

  • Providing fixed costs whenever possible and a special non-profit rate when we can’t
  • Ensuring you have the tools to efficiently communicate with each other, and all of your stakeholders
  • Securing you with industry standard protection to keep the less charitable from ruining your good deeds
  • Building resilience into your network from the start, so you can quickly recover from any expected problems that do occur.

Let us make sure your computers are ready to work when you are, so you can take of everything else you have too. Give us a call at 905-764-9491 or send an email to sales@insix.com and we would be happy to discuss things when it fits your schedule.