The highly sensitive nature of your work means your business needs to be extra sure that hackers and profiteers don’t get through your defenses, without slowing you down while you fight for your clients.

We support several law firms ranging from the one man show just starting up, to giants employing hundreds. We understand the demands your business faces, and empower you with;


  • Tough digital protection to keep you safe from hackers, cryptolockers and viruses
  • Tools to make communicating with clients, specialists and the courts easier
  • Resilience to, and quick recovery from, any unexpected problems that do arise
  • Expert advice that ensures technical resources support your changing needs as you move towards your goals


Let us make sure your computers are ready to work when you are, so you can take of everything else you have too. Give us a call at 905-764-9491 or send an email to and we would be happy to discuss things when it fits your schedule.