insix Managed Security Services provides your business with the precise level of protection you need, offering the ultimate in flexibility and cost effectiveness.

Our Managed Security Services are supported by our 24x7x365 Security Operations Centre, located in Toronto, ON. insix’s around the clock service ensures the security of its clients’ crucial systems by providing threat management, real-time monitoring/alerting, and incident response and remediation services.

Insix Managed Security Services

On-Site Consulting
This is customized assistance in the assessment of business risks, key business requirements for security and the development of security policies and processes. It may include comprehensive security architecture assessments and design (include technology, business risks, technical risks and procedures). Consulting may also include security product integration and On-site incident response and forensics.

Managed security monitoring
This is the day-to-day monitoring and interpretation of important system events throughout the network, including unauthorized behavior, malicious hacks and denials of service (DoS), anomalies and trend analysis. It is the first step in an incident response process.

Managed security services for mid-sized and smaller businesses

The business model behind managed security services was commonplace among enterprise level companies, provided by large IT security experts. The model was later adapted to fit medium sized and smaller companies (SMBs – organizations up to 500 employees, or with no more than 100 employee at any one site) by the value-added reseller (VAR) community, either specializing in managed security or offering it as an extension to their managed IT service solutions. SMBs are increasingly turning to managed security services for a number of reasons. Chief among these are the specialized, complex and highly dynamic nature of IT security and the growing number of regulatory requirements obliging businesses to secure the digital safety and integrity of personal information and financial data held or transferred via their computer networks.