With damages from Ransomware expected to top 5 Billion USD this year (a 15x increase from 2015), the odds of your business falling victim are quickly on the rise. The primary reason most hacks occur nowadays is to deploy ransomware. And the unfortunate reality is many companies aren’t doing enough to prevent it, or most importantly, enough to be able to quickly recover from it. In many cases, smaller companies have a tech-savvy employee who has been given the IT hat to wear – or use an “IT Guy” that only provides break-fix support with no proactive maintenance or security in mind.

A few questions you need to know as a business manager:

  • What are we doing to keep hackers and other threats out of our network?
  • What are we doing to mitigate the risk of employee error leading to a disaster?
  • Do we have adequate endpoint protection?
  • Do we have proper security policies to prevent data loss?
  • Are the cloud services we use actually being backed up?
  • How do we recover from data loss?
  • How do we even know if our backups work?

If you can’t come up with sufficient answers to the basic questions above your at risk – because that is only the tip of the iceberg! Security and disaster recovery are 2 things you can’t afford to ignore and need to understand as a business manager. It isn’t enough to have a working solution in these areas – many don’t realize if it isn’t the right one it can be almost the same as not having one at all.

Statistically, 60% of businesses that lose their data shut down within 6 months of the disaster.

At Insix we can help you with your Cybersecurity and Disaster Recovery needs, or if you think your covered but not sure we can provide a second opinion for peace of mind. Contact us for a free basic assessment: 905.764.9491 / sales@insix.com