insix as one of the top web hosting providers in Toronto allows you to maintain your websites for maximum up time while still being able to cut IT costs.

Since we began providing hosting services, we have offered our customers the highest quality of application hosting services and support. We host many mission-critical web sites and applications for clients both large and small.

We initially began providing application hosting services because the sophisticated software we developed for our clients sometimes required special hosting features that were less cost effective to purchase from other hosting firms. This focus on enterprise-level, business-critical application hosting services has allowed us to offer a unique level of reliability and flexibility unmatched by firms without our deep software development, data integration, and infrastructure knowledge.

Our application hosting servers use the latest industry standard architecture to provide fast, secure, highly functional operation with maximum availability located in our premier Data Centre. Insix as one of the top web and application hosting providers in Toronto, delivering unprecedented scalability, flexibility and reliability using innovative, affordable technology solutions, our web application hosting plans are designed to grow with your business needs.

Our servers are protected by an extensible, multi-layer enterprise firewall featuring stateful inspection, broad application support, integrated virtual private networking (VPN), system hardening, integrated intrusion detection, smart application filters, transparency for all clients, advanced authentication, secure server publishing and security packet-, circuit- & application level traffic screening.

Web and Application Hosting Services

Web Hosting

We have been hosting websites for over ten years. Our feature-rich packages allow you to select the right level of functionality for your organization. Our hosting packages integrate seamlessly with other web-based services we offer such as Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft SharePoint.


We can host your database-driven application on managed or unmanaged, shared, co-located or virtual servers. Let us help you select the best hosting option for your database servers.

Microsoft Exchange Hosting – Our hosted MS Exchange service allows you to access Microsoft’s essential messaging and collaboration software without purchasing server hardware, software licenses and dealing with ongoing maintenance issues/costs.


Our extensive hosting experience allows us to offer you the full range of server hosting options. Let us help you determine which level and type of service best meets the needs of your organization. We offer the following hosted server options:

Co-location – Store your box in our rock-solid and secure tier 1 server room.

Managed or Unmanaged – Choose whether your co-located server is managed by us or your internal IT team via remote access.

Shared or Dedicated – Host your web sites, databases and applications on our fleet of managed servers. Choose between shared servers for cost savings or your own dedicated box for maximum space and performance.

Physical or Virtualized – Choose between physical shared servers or virtualized private servers as a means to increase performance while still achieving significant cost savings. We proudly use VM Ware for our entire virtual server infrastructure